This mod is based on an Antec Three Hundred mid-tower case.

A Dreadnought is a battleship that carries only large-caliber main guns.

Original specs:
Steel mid-tower case
Room for 4x120mm and 1x140mm fan
3x5.25" drive bays
6 Internal 3.5" drive bays
Bottom-mounted power supply

The untouched case. I really like the understated design of this one.

My plans for the side panel.

My collection of new components.

Test-fitting some components in the finished case.

A shot of the finished case.

I've purchased all new components for this machine


AMD Athlon64 x2 6000+
DFI motherboard
Zotac GeForce GTX260
4GB DDR2 800
Dual-layer DVD writer
500GB Western Digital Caviar Black
1TB Western Digital Caviar Green
PC Power & Cooling 610W PSU

It currently dual-boots Windows Vista Business and Ubuntu 9.04