Current Project: Peregrine

90% done

The case is pretty much finished.
All it needs is a video card and a copy of Windows 7.

The starting point of this mod is a Cooler Master Elite 341.

This one is named after the Peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird.
It packs a lot of speed and power in a small, fierce package.

Original specs:
Steel micro-ATX mid-tower.
Space for 4x 120mm fans
2x 5.25" and 2x 3.5" external drive bays
2x 3.5" internal drive bays

The original case.

More pics to come!


AMD Phenom II x4 920
Biostar TA790GX
Zotac GeForce GTX260
4GB G.Skill DDR2 800
Dual-layer DVD writer
500GB Western Digital Caviar Black
1TB Western Digital Caviar Green
OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w PSU

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